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		California Promises

		 Dm               C
(1)		I'm on a side'o' canyon road
		 Dm                    C
		An' people drive and stare
		 Dm                C
		I'm eating dust inside my throat
		 Dm            Bb              C
		Away from the face I wouldn't wear

		 Bb                 F
(2)		The ground spins inside my head
		 Bb                   F
		And I can't drive anymore
		Just bring my body down
		 F                             C
		And dream of what there was before

		  Dm           Bb
Припев:		Promises, my promises
		             Gm                 C
		They take me all the way to extreme
		    Dm          Bb
		My California promises
		               Gm               C
		They locked me up inside of a dream

		 Dm               C
(3)		I see the shadows on a strip
		 Dm                     C
		They come and stay for good
		 Dm                       C
		Sleepwalking grace with broken bones
		 Dm              Bb           C
		They've come to conquer Hollywood

		 Bb                       F
(4)		They fly at night to the candle light
		 Bb                                F
		They burn their wings and feel no pain
		The part that once you got
		 F                           C
		You must go on and keep on playing

!		Припев } 2 раза

		  D Bb                 C  (Ab)
Переход:	Stare, staring in the sky
		                   Bb               C
		Trying to catch a sight of angels flying
		(See the sky with angels flying)
		  D Bb                 C  (Ab)
		Stare, staring in the sky
		                Bb                   C
		I just see the eyes that are never crying

!		Припев } 2 раза

!		(<Gm>-<Bb>-<F>)

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